1. White Latin Americans.

    I seriously do not like Mario Vargas Llosa or Jorge Luis Borges. Fucking elitist pigs

    racist motherfuckers.

    the more I read history, the more I hate people. 

    oh, and Mario Vargas Llosa is completely overrated.

    Tried reading his stuff once. mmm nothanks. 


  2. Ive been glued to my computer for 6 hours now

    I have 6 essays due on Tuesday

    6 fucking essays. 

    For my Latin American Studies classes. 

    ohhh you say, Latin American Studies, but that must be so easy! Lemme tell you a lil bout them essays:

    1. Juan Domingo Peron’s political, social and economic policies during the 1946-1952 period and their effect on Argentina

    2. The differences between Eduardo Frei’s and Salvador Allende’s policies, describe them and then discuss their successes and failures

    3. The literary differences and similarities between “Martin Fierro” and “Facundo”

    4. Summary of Isabel Allende’s House of Spirits

    5. The economic phenomenon of import substitution industrialization in recent Latin American History

    6. Identity, Race, and Black Power in Independent Jamaica


    I’m regretting double majoring in this shit so bad. ughhh. 


  3. Argentina, you’re doing it right.

    Currently reading an article for my Politics class about local riots in Argentina. In 1993, public employees and students of the province of Santiago del Estero held massive protests against government corruption. The people were tired of the rampant institutionalized corruption and lack of leadership that they looted two homes belonging to their local politicians.

    they looted two homes belonging to their local politicians.

     That’s how you protest.