1. "Sadness suits me. I savor it the way some people savor good food. Sleep or sadness, it’s all the same to me. Come get me. Like an ocean hungry to lap you up."
    — Sandra Cisneros in Caramelo (via xicanariot)

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  2. "Sexual exploitation is at the heart of colonialism, imperialism, and global capitalism. Each economic system has its particular historically specified sexualized economic mode."
    — Zillah Eisenstein, Against Empire, 85 (via feelingpolitical)

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    Taking shots before looking at my bank account in hopes I’ll laugh instead of weep


  4. "Periods aren’t an excuse to get out of anything."
    — People who have never experienced blood pouring out of their genitals (via wiifitting)

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  7. "White slaves masters raped black women and turned their backs on their offspring. They are the original dead beat dads."

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    This !!!!

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    Someone finally spoke the truth !!!

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    can you say Thomas Jefferson and everyone of his co signers of the declaration of so called independence. yeah independence for who ?

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    Not so fun fact: those signers were so hounded by the fact that they kept slaves that many of them bent over backwards to justify keeping slaves, including pointing out cranial structures and cultural differences. They were claiming black people to be subhuman so that they could claim they wanted freedom while still keeping slaves.

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    My children WILL speak fluent Spanish.

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    Partners (2012 US, CBS) - Michael Urie and Brandon Routh

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    pa que sepan!

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    may my enemies live long so they can see me progress

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    RP from @yosirey

    For real though. I ain’t about that life. You shouldn’t either. #patriarchy #colonialism #NotAboutThisLife

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  14. “I paint myself because I am often alone,because I am the subject I know best.”-Frida Kahlo

    Photo by Guillermo Davila, 1929.

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